Peer Reviewer Process

A manuscript submitted is evaluated through Initial Review by Editorial Board. If the article matchs the journal requirements in term of the scope, originality, novelty sufficiency of experimental data and format, at least 2 (two) peer reviewers are assigned to review the manuscript with Blind Review Process. Four until six weeks are alocation time given to peer revewer to evaluate the manuscipt. After review process is finished, the assigned editor makes decision for the article. If the article needs revision, the manuscript is  returned to the authors to revise. These processes take two month (maximum time). If the decision is major revision or resubmission, revised manuscript that has been resubmitted by submitter is sent back to the previous peer reviwers for re-evaluation. After that, the editor makes final decision (accepted or rejected). In the each manuscript reviewed, peer reviewers will be rated based on the substantial and technical aspects. Assigment of peer reviewer is based on the expertise and experiences in research and publication relevant to the field of manuscript to be reviewed. Number of citation and h-index value of peer reviewers are parameter examples for consideration in assigning as reviewer.